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ASA 2017: Marxist Sociology Section Sessions

The ASA system is now accepting paper submissions for the 2017 meeting in Montreal. Deadline is January 11, 3 pm EST. You may look at the complete CFP here: http://www.asanet.org/sites/default/files/17pgm_call_for_papers.pdf Below are the Marxist Sociology section sessions as they are listed in the CFP: Section on Marxist Sociology Marxist Sociology in the 21st Century: 150 Years of Read the full article...… continue →

Marxist Sociology Section Awards 2017

MARXIST SOCIOLOGY AWARDS COMMITTEES AND ANNOUNCEMENT 2017 Marxist Sociology Lifetime Achievement Award The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes distinguished career achievement in Marxist sociology. Nominators should send all committee members a letter stating the case for the nominee winning the award and attach a copy of the nominee’s vitae. The award is for a body of Read the full article...… continue →

Marxist Sociologist Allison Hurst Advises UND on First-Generation College Students’ Experiences

UND looks to ease first-generation adjustment By Wade Rupard on Sep 7, 2016 at 6:41 p.m. Like most students when they first go off to college, Allison Hurst was overwhelmed. But being the first person in her family to attend college, there was even more stress associated with it. Eventually, she walked away from school because she Read the full article...… continue →

Section Awards for 2016

Join with us in congratulating the winners of our section awards!   ASA MARXIST SOCIOLOGY SECTION AWARDS 2016   Marxist Sociology Lifetime Achievement Award (Co-winners):   David Fasenfest   Scott McNall   Howard Waitzkin   Paul Sweezy Marxist Sociology Book Award:   Wendy Matsumura, The Limits of Okinawa   Outstanding Marxist Sociology Article Award:   Read the full article...… continue →


Enough!   Somewhere, somewhere perhaps in the desert of Iraq, or perhaps in Palestine or the Afghan hills, amidst the cacophony of shells, the reek of boiled-off flesh, somewhere, a voice awakens, a voice in Arabic, in English, a voice that speaks in every tongue, that utters “Enough! No more!” a voice of utter empathy Read the full article...… continue →


Seemingly helpless in a democracy beyond repair, on a world brewing the floods, droughts and endless wanderings of a vengeful planet, I live as a godless Jew in an age when the leaders of Judaism spit the fires of Uzis and smart bombs like the bowels of Ba’al in eras past.   I, you, we Read the full article...… continue →