Enough! Somewhere, somewhere perhaps in the desert of Iraq, or perhaps in Palestine or the Afghan hills, amidst the cacophony of shells, the reek of boiled-off flesh, somewhere, a voice awakens ...

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Seemingly helpless in a democracy beyond repair, on a world brewing the floods, droughts and endless wanderings of a vengeful planet, I live as a godless Jew in an age when the leaders of Judaism spit the fires of Uzis and smart bombs like the bowels of Ba’al in eras past ...

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Never Again

Red stains the walls of the mosque of proud Hebron, red on the floor and red on the ceiling, as rage blossoms red in the hearts of the people, but no anger remains in the eyes on the floor.

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What is an American Jew?

Our grandfathers worked as tailors, union organizers, or in rural communes where anarchists and communists battled relentlessly about ideologically-correct procedures to slaughter chickens.

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