Social Media

You can connect with other Section on Marxist Sociology (SMXS) members via our facebook group or twitter account. However, all section communications are sent out via our listserv (see below) so please make certain your a subscribed.

LISTSERV Information and Support

Please find a description of all SMSX listservs below (note that you can access the information page for a given list by clicking the name of the given list). PLEASE NOTE: We receive many requests to approve list messages because of failure to remove individual email address from the “TO” and “CC” fields when replying to an email. You do not need to include individual emails as you can assume that if someone is sending a message they are members of the given list. So PLEASE, avoid duplicate messages and moderation delays by sending only to the list address, which in most cases will be: discussion [at]

  • announcements [at] This is a moderated list managed by council members and is used solely for sending out announcements (i.e., one-way). The list includes both current and past SMSX members. Replies automatically go to the discussion list (below), where you can get more information about an announcement. All members (past or present) should remain subscribed  to this list because it is used for important announcements and information regarding SMSX. It has been designed as a low-traffic list.
  • discussion [at] This list is open to all who are interested in Marxist sociology so it may have higher-traffic. All SMSX members are automatically subscribed.
  • council [at] Private, moderated list for SMSX council members only.
  • web [at] Private, moderated list for website team members only.
  • awards-book [at] Private, moderated list for the Paul M. Sweezy Book Award committee.

You can use the links above to subscribe to a list or edit your LISTSERV preferences—the service is called mailman. (These links also appear at the bottom of every LISTSERV message.) The directions below explain how to perform the most common operations.

1. How to access your listserv preferences

  1. Find the link to edit preferences for a given list at the very bottom of any email that has come via the listserv.
  2. In the last section, titled “[ListName] Subscribers“, enter your email where it says “To unsubscribe from discussion, get a password reminder, or to change your subscription options enter your subscription email address:”
  3. On the next page, in the “Password reminder” section, click the “Remind” button.
  4. Find the email that was sent to you and copy the enclosed password.
  5. Return to the same page, go to the “[ListName] list: member options for user [YourEmail]” section, paste in your password and click the “Log in” button.

Once you’ve logged in you can change a range of options—change your email, set your mail to digest mode, set to send only, unsubscribe, etc. For example, when you change the “mode” to “digest” this instructs the LISTSERV to collate all posts for the day (or week or month—you choose) into one email as opposed to individual emails as they are sent.

2. How to change your listserv email address

  1. Follow the steps above in “1. How to access your listserv preferences” to access your list options.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, enter your new email address twice in the “Changing your [ListName] membership information” section.
  3. Optional: Check the “Change globally” box if you would like your email address updated for all section listserv lists simultaneously.
  4. Click the “Change My Address and Name” button.

3. How to send an email to an SMSX listserv list

To send a message to all of the people currently subscribed to a given list, just send an email to [ListName] (replace [ListName] with the desired LISTSERV name). This process is called “sending mail to the list” because you are sending an email to a single address and LISTSERV makes copies for all of the people who have subscribed. The address (e.g., is also called the “list address.” Note that message size and attachment type are filtered to avoid abuse. (Invalid messages are forwarded to the moderators, who can approve invalid messages when necessary.)

4. How to use email commands instead of the web interface

If you are more comfortable using email commands (as opposed to a web interface), please see the mailman documentation. All email commands must be sent to [ListName] This is different than the actual LISTSERV email, meaning that these messages will not be sent to the whole list.

5. Accessing the list archives

  1. Click the link for the given list name above.
  2. In the “About [ListName]” section of the list information page, click the “[ListName] Archives” link.
  3. You will be prompted for your email address and password.
  4. If you have not already  created a password, follow the steps above in “1. How to access your listserv preferences”. Once you have copied your password, repeat the steps above.

Note: Emails sent to all lists are automatically archived but they can only be viewed by subscribers, i.e., they are private.


If you have any questions about the Marxist Sociology Listserv or website, please use this form.