POEM: What is an American Jew? By Sam Friedman

What is an American Jew? [Inspired by Enid Dame]   By Sam Friedman   Our grandfathers worked as tailors, union organizers, or in rural communes where anarchists and communists battled relentlessly about ideologically-correct procedures to slaughter chickens.   But that is history. Now, if you tell us you visited unmet relatives in the Old Country, […]

Section Awards for 2015

Join with us in congratulating the winners of our section awards! ASA MARXIST SOCIOLOGY SECTION AWARDS 2015 Marxist Sociology Lifetime Achievement Award (2015) Randy Martin   The Paul Sweezy Marxist Sociology Book Award (2015) William Robinson, Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity   Outstanding Marxist Sociology Article Award (2015) (Co-winners) Clelland, Donald. 2014. “Unpaid […]

Section Awards for 2014

Join with us in congratulating the winners of our section awards! ASA MARXIST SOCIOLOGY SECTION AWARDS 2014 Marxist Sociology Lifetime Achievement Award Rod Bush Paul Sweezy Marxist Sociology Book Award (co-winners) John Arena, Driven from New Orleans: How Nonprofits Betray Public Housing and Promote Privatization Brent Z. Kaup, Market Justice: Political Economic Struggle in Bolivia […]

Marxist Sociology Section Awards Announcement for 2014

Marxist Sociology Lifetime Achievement Award The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes distinguished career achievement in Marxist sociology. Nominators should send all committee members an email letter stating the case for the nominee winning the award and attach a copy of the nominee’s vitae. The award is for a body of work of sociological importance in the […]

Feminist and Marxist: Dorothy Smith receives lifetime sociology award

by: ANITA WATERS   NEW YORK – At a national meeting this summer here, social theorist Dorothy E. Smith was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Section on Marxist Sociology of the American Sociological Association. Smith is widely acknowledged as a major feminist thinker, perhaps best known for her development of the concept of “standpoint […]

Section Awards for 2013

Join with us in congratulating the winners of our section awards! The awards will be presented at the section reception during the annual meeting. More information to come. Best, -Art

Roundtables for 2013 ASA Annual Meetings in New York

Marxist Sociology Section Roundtables 2013   1.) Table 1: Movements, Presider: Wendi Kane a. “Same Problems, Different Answers: Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, Social Media, and Ideological Translations,” Levin E. Welch b. “Twenty Years of Boredom: Veganism and the Cultural Logic of Late Liberalism,” Peter Bratsis c. “Business Unity and Anti-Corporate Social Movement Protests […]

Sessions for 2013 ASA Annual Meeting in New York

Session 1: Author Meets Critics: Making of Global Capitalism by Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin Description of Session: This session is an author meets critics panel on Leo Panitch and Sam Gidin, The Making of Global Capitalism (Verso Press). The influence of this work on social activism, research on global capitalism, and Marxist sociology will […]

Message from the Chair for 2013

Welcome to the ASA webpage for the Marxist Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association…. The webpage is designed to give the latest information on the Section and to continue to be part of a social networking effort for the members of the section and interested individuals. It is also our hope that this site will also be helpful to other members of the ASA.

Marxist Sociology Section 2013 Election Results

Please see the results of our section election below. Special thanks to everyone who ran for office and our section’s Nominations Committee members for all of their hard work on this important task! Chair-elect: Anita Waters, Denison University (will chair 2015 meeting) Council member Heather Gautney, Fordham University (three year term) Council member Lloyd Klein, […]