Download the current newsletter: Winter 2013/14!

Dear Marxist Section members,

As the newsletter editors of From the Left, we look forward to distributing material relevant to Marxist Section members and their scholarly work.  Given the current state of political, social, economic, and ecological processes in their world-historical context, contributions to research and understanding from within the Marxist tradition continue to be crucial for scholars and activists alike.

1) Please consider submitting any of the following materials for the fall newsletter:

    • Report backs from the ASA conference
    • Articles (roughly 1,500 words)
    • Calls for Papers
    • New publication announcements (such as: book announcements of recently published or forthcoming works, articles, or other papers)
    • New films, AV materials, exhibits
    • New data sources
    • New teaching materials
    • Upcoming conferences and events
    • Updates on activism and local struggles
    • Editorials on Marxist Section issues
    • Book Reviews
    • Other Announcements and Useful in formation
    • Art
      (See call for submissions in previous newsletters. We plan to publish three issues a year in the summer, fall and late winter.)

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