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Never Again

Red stains the walls of the mosque of proud Hebron, red on the floor and red on the ceiling, as rage blossoms red in the hearts of the people, but no anger remains in the eyes on the floor.

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On the Formalization of the E-Waste Recycling Economy, in China and the World

Environmental news in the latter half of 2015 has been characterized by an upsurge of discouraging stories worldwide, not least from China. Despite the recent slowdown in economic growth, there have been industrial accidents and unprecedented air quality issues plaguing the country. However, there is at least one local environmental story that appears to defy this bleak trend. In December of 2015, the highly polluted town of Guiyu was suddenly vacated, and all of the informal hazardous waste recycling that had been polluting the soil, the water, and the bodies of young children, came to a halt.

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The History of Criminal Selectivity

In my dissertation, The History of Criminal Selectivity: A Reading from Marx, Engels, and Contemporary Marxist Thought, I assess the historical and social-economic conditions that underpin the unequal legal treatment and selective prosecution of people based upon class, race, gender, and age. I identify particular patterns of “criminal selectivity.” I consider this phenomenon from the rise of capitalism to today, throughout Europe and the United States. Although the unequal functioning of the criminal justice system is widely recognized today as a key concept for analyzing crime and punishment, the selectivity phenomenon has not been strictly conceptualized and developed.

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What is an American Jew?

Our grandfathers worked as tailors, union organizers, or in rural communes where anarchists and communists battled relentlessly about ideologically-correct procedures to slaughter chickens.

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