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Teaching Sociology from a Marxist Perspective (Washington, DC: American Sociological Association, 2006), edited by Martha E. Gimenez and Brian P. Hawkins, in cooperation with the Section on Marxist Sociology. This book features an introductory essay and brief statements that discuss how Marx and Marxism inform an array of course syllabi, including Marxist Theory, Sociological Theory, Feminist Theory, Class/Race/Gender, Population/Environment, Political Sociology, Methods, Political Economy, Colonialism /Development/Globalization studies, Social Stratification, and Sociology of Art. It includes over 30 syllabi in both graduate and undergraduate courses. A separate section provides charts and diagrams, film resources, articles from Teaching Sociology, and classroom exercises, projects, and lectures for teaching Marxist concepts.


Marxist Perspectives in the Sociology of Education  by Maurice Levitas (London: Routledge, 2012). The major theories explored are those concerned with social mobility and those which derive from a relativist position in Sociology, both of which see education as a selection mechanism for a stratified society. Social class, family, sociolinguistics and schools are among the topics discussed. In this analysis the author:

  • Defines key areas in the sociology of education
  • Gives access to important concepts of Marx and Engels
  • Strengthens sociological starting points by adding a Marxist element
  • Discriminates between radically different directions in education
  • Maps the main features of long-term working class goals

This thoroughgoing Marxist critique of widely prevalent notions in the sociology of education provides a compass by which place and direction in this area of education may be found by students, teachers and parents.