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Provincializing Asian regional food regimes

A recent study led by Kuan-Chi Wang found that the legacy of imperialism gave rise to diverse agricultural trajectories in Asia, with countries embracing varying models of development. Some embraced capitalist-driven “green revolutions,” while others pursued socialist-inspired approaches to agricultural modernization. These divergent paths reflected each nation's unique historical context and ideological leanings, contributing to the complexity of contemporary food regimes in the region. Adding another layer to this rich complexity, agricultural experts and institutions emerged as key actors in disseminating knowledge and shaping farming practices. Their efforts not only influenced technological advancements but also shaped the institutional frameworks that govern food production and distribution in Asia today.

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ECLAC and the problematization of Latin America’s development

Latin America is usually recognized as the most unequal region in the world. It seems clear that the region faces important obstacles to development. But how do we understand the challenges to Latin America’s development? In a recent article, Emilia Ormaechea analyzes the changes in the idea of development in the contributions of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) from its creation, in 1948, to the present day. She argues that ECLAC had a very critical understanding of the challenges that a development strategy for Latin America entailed, especially during the structuralist period. However, this critical perspective lost relevance in 1990, after the neoliberal offensive and the shift from structuralism to neostructuralism.

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“Right-to-Work” Laws Really Work…Just Not the Way You Think They Do

A narrow focus on "treatment effects" has led much academic research to ignore the broader institutional work that "right-to-work" laws accomplish – changing the balance of power between political parties, allowing for new policy bundles to be enacted, and changing the perceived realm of the reasonable and possible for new labor market entrants.

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Understanding a New Age of Algorithmic Capital

As a critical theory of algorithmic capitalism, our contribution is grounded in an emancipation project. We explore paths of reform, revolution, and exit strategies from algorithmic capitalism. We develop a virtue ethics approach to favor collective resistance and emancipation from algorithmic capitalism.

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Defetishizing Israel and the Importance of BDS

One of the terms frequently appearing on the news regarding the Palestinian genocide is “humanitarian crisis.” In my head, the imagery of humanitarianism raises memories of the old UNICEF commercials with the exploitative spectacle of starving African or third-world children and women staring at the camera. Humanitarianism depends on a currency of sympathy and innocence, framing your donation as a way to combat the evil and suffering of the world.

My argument against the humanitarian perspective is that it reduces genocide into a moralized logic rather than one confronting Palestine’s material social relations. My critique draws on Marx’s notion of commodity fetishism, and how the logic of capital mystifies social relations as naturalized and ahistorical. Lastly, I argue that Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS)’s decolonial praxis delegitimizes the Zionist mystification and provides possibilities for constructing decolonial realities. […]

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