* Dedicated to the Reservists who refused to take part


As you drive your treads

to flatten rubble,

crushing bodies,

rag dolls,

toys beneath bodies beneath walls beneath tables

beneath refrigerators

beneath your treads




do you relish victory?


Do you think collective punishment

a fair cop?


Or is it just another day’s work?

another day at urban removal,

another day’s bulldozing impediments

to the Lebensraum

of God’s chosen people?

Another family turned to parking lot

for future yeshivas?

Future delis?

Future statues to future heroes

of God’s own ethnic cleansing?



This poem is from Grief and Rage: An American Jew’s Poems on Palestine by Marxist Sociology section member Sam Friedman.  You can obtain one or more copies of Grief and Rage from him by e-mailing sam4wp@netscape.net.

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