The Marxist Section and Labor & Labor Movements Section are holding a joint reception. Both sections will announce their award winners there.

In addition, we are co-sponsoring a film and panel to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Memphis sanitation strike, Dr. Martin Luther King’s last struggle. This will happen before our reception in the same venue. Please find full details below.

The film will be shown at 6:30pm followed by a short panel (with time for audience questions and discussion) from 7:30-8:00pm. More details on the film below.

The joint reception will take place from 8-9:30pm on Monday, August 13 at the Ibrahim Theater at the International House, near the ASA conference venue (about 20 minutes away by transit). We’ll announce the award winners at 8:30pm in the Ibrahim Theater. Light food, refreshments, beer and wine will be served.

Note well: The ASA program lists the reception beginning at 7:30, but the film event has pushed our official starting time back to 8pm. However, we will begin serving food and drinks at 7:30 in the lobby of the venue and members who are not attending the film event can show up then.

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Memphis sanitation strike, Dr. Martin Luther King’s last struggle, in the course of which his life was cut short.  To commemorate and reflect on these events, a group of organizations linked to the ASA meetings will be doing a showing of At The River I Stand, a documentary about that history. The movie will be followed by a short panel and discussion featuring Deborrah Dancy, a staff member at Brooklyn College who as a teen took part in support for the strike and in civil rights activism in Memphis, and Glenn Bracey, professor of sociology at Villanova, who will offer broader reflections on the 1968 Memphis campaign and its connections with issues and struggles we face today.

The commemorative event is cosponsored by the Association of Black Sociologists, and the ASA sections on Labor and Labor Movements, Marxist Sociology, Race/Gender/Class, and Racial and Ethnic Minorities (Labor and Labor Movements has been taking the lead, under Chris Tilly’s leadership).