We are delighted to announce a relaunch of the Marxist Sociology Blog! The blog – which now has a new editorial team – is a public sociology blog aimed at publishing Marxist theory, research, commentary and debate for a general public audience.

With inequality reaching new peaks in the global economy, ongoing economic crises, stagnation in the core of the capitalist world-system, migration and refugee crises, political polarization, and ever-worsening ecological crisis, Marxism has never been more relevant.

We will be regularly publishing short articles (around 1,000 words each) in accessible language with minimal academic jargon. Marxism has its own esoteric vocabulary and where it is necessary to use this, we endeavor to define our teams.

We conceive of marxist sociology in the broadest sense, spanning modern academic disciplines and covering economy, politics, culture and history. The Marxist Sociology Blog publishes articles of theory, research and commentary from Marxists of all theoretical schools and academic disciplines.

We aim to bring you short articles summarizing cutting-edge research and theory from Marxist scholars. We also provide a forum for debate among Marxists and those who wish to engage Marxism.

Much of the work published here will be commissioned by our editorial team, but we will consider publishing unsolicited articles. For the latter, please send a one paragraph summary of your proposed article to the editor-in-chief, Michael McCarthy. We will consider summaries of published research as well as commentary, news analysis, and debates.