Here at the Marxist Sociology Blog we are celebrating the end of our first full year live. We relaunched the blog with a new editorial team in October of 2018. Our aim then was to publish Marxist theory, research, commentary and debate that was written accessibly for a broader audience. That basic objective remains our guiding mission. Since our launch we have published 57 separate blog pieces and have had thousands of site visitors. The blog has turned out to be far more successful than we had imagined.

In thanks to our authors, we list below our top ten most popular posts of the year.

  1. The Ruling Class Does Rule by Timothy M. Gill
  2. Capitalism, Neoliberalism and Unfree Labor by Todd Gordon
  3. What’s Wrong With Rent and the Rentier? by Brett Christophers
  4. Du Bois and the Jefferson School of Social Science by Denise Lynn
  5. Why is Homelessness Criminalized? by Brian Hennigan
  6. The Illusion of Democracy in Capitalism by Annamaria Artner
  7. Marx and Teleology by Sean Sayers
  8. Limits of the Green New Deal by John McCollum
  9. States and Stakes: Relational Theory and the Politics of Class Struggle by Zachary Levenson and Teresa Kalisz
  10. Marx on Taxation by David Ireland

The Marxist Sociology Blog will continue to publish pieces that grapple with the key social problems and questions of our time in clear and accessible language. We look forward to bringing you more content in 2020.

Happy new year from the editors!