Here at the Marxist Sociology Blog we are celebrating the end of our second full year live. Since relaunching the blog with a new editorial team in October of 2018, we have published a wide range of commentary and analysis both to make Marxist sociology accessible and to provide a venue for our members to showcase their important work.

To celebrate our authors, below is our top ten most read posts of 2020.

  1. Disintegrating US-China Economic Symbiosis and the New Inter-Imperial Rivalry by Ho-Fung Hung
  2. Critical Realism and Marxism by Richard Westra
  3. Erich Fromm’s Marxist Sociology Forty Years Later by Kieran Durkin
  4. Is China Socialist or Capitalist? How Marxism Breaks the Binary by David Laibman
  5. The Limits of State Capitalism on China’s Bid for Hegemony by Mingtang Liu and Kellee S. Tsai
  6. Monopsony Capitalism and Worker Power in the Global Garment Industry by Ashok Kumar
  7. Why Didn’t Marx Finish Capital? by Ludo Cuyvers
  8. Variegated Social Reproduction as Critical Thinking by Isabella Bakker
  9. Graduate Student Worker Organizational Stability in the Twilight Hour of Neoliberalism by Daniel Gutiérrez
  10. Lessons of Rojava and Histories of Abolition by Brendan McQuade

Happy new year from the editors!