Calls for nominations for the current round of awards can be found here under “Council & Committees.” The past winners are listed below.

Marxist Sociology Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes distinguished career achievement in Marxist sociology.


2023: Kevin Anderson, University of California, Santa Barbara

2022: Rose M. Brewer, University of Minnesota

2021: Wilma A. Dunaway, Virginia Tech, and Don Clelland, University of Tennessee

2020: Michael Burawoy, University of California, Berkeley

2019: Michael E. Brown, Northeastern University (Emeritus)

2019: John Bellamy Foster, University of Oregon

2018: Erik Olin Wright, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2017: Lauren Langman

2016: David Fasenfest (co-winner)

2016: Scott McNall  (co-winner)

2016: Howard Waitzkin  (co-winner)

2015: Randy Martin

2014: Rod Bush

2013: Dorothy E. Smith

2012: Berch Berberoglu, University of Nevado, Reno

2011: John C. Leggett, Rutgers University

2010: Walda Katz-Fishman, Howard University

2009: Edna Bonacich, University of California at Riverside

2008: Stanley Aronowitz, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, City University of New York

2007: Marty Oppenheimer, Rutgers University

2006: Immanuel Wallerstein, Yale University

2004: Martha Gimenez, University of Colorado at Boulder and T.R. Young, Red Feather Institute

2003: Robert Newby, Central Michigan University

2002: James Petras, State University of New York and James Geshwender, Binghamton

2001: John Horton, University of California, Los Angeles

2000: Albert Szymanski and Larry Reynolds, Central Michigan University—Founding year of the award

Paul Sweezy Marxist Sociology Book Award

The Sweezy Book Award goes to the author(s) of the best book published in the past two years in the area of Marxist theory and research.


2023: Jordanna Matlon, American University (Winner)

A Man among Other Men: The Crisis of Black Masculinity in Racial Capitalism (Cornell University Press, 2022)

Filipe Maia, Boston University (Honorable Mention)

Trading Futures: A Theological Critique of Financialized Capitalism (Duke University Press, 2022)

2022: John Bellamy Foster, University of Oregon

The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology (Monthly Review Press, 2020)

2021: Ashok Kumar, University of London

Monopsony Capitalism: Power and Production in the Twilight of the Sweatshop Age (Cambridge University Press, 2020)

2020: Brendan McQuade, University of Southern Maine (Co-winner)

Pacifying the Homeland: Intelligence Fusion and Mass Supervision (University of California Press, 2019)

Intan Suwandi, Illinois State University (Co-winner)

Value Chains: The New Economic Imperialism (Monthly Review Press, 2019)

2019: Darren Barany, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY

The New Welfare Consensus: Ideological, Political, and Social Origins (State University of New York Press)

2018: Andy Clarno, University of Illinois, Chicago

Neoliberal Apartheid: Palestine/Israel and South Africa after 1994  (University of Chicago Press)

2018: Michael A. McCarthy, Marquette University

Dismantling Solidarity: Capitalist Politics and American Pensions since the New Deal (Cornell University Press)

2017: Stefano Longo, North Carolina State University
Rebecca Clausen, Fort Lewis College
Brett Clark, University of Utah

The Tragedy of the Commodity: Oceans, Fisheries, and Aquaculture (Rutgers University Press)

2016: Wendy Matsumura, University of California, San Diego

The Limits of Okinawa (Duke University Press)

2015: William Robinson, University of California, Santa Barbara

Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014)

2014: John Arena, CUNY, College of Staten Island (Co-winner)

Driven from New Orleans: How Nonprofits Betray Public Housing and Promote Privatization

2014: Brent Z. Kaup, William & Mary (Co-winner)

Market Justice: Political Economic Struggle in Bolivia 

2013: Charles Post, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

The American Road to Capitalism: Studies in Class-Structure, Economic Development and Political Conflict, 1620-1877

2012: David McNally, York University

Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance (PM Press: 2010)

2011:  Kevin Anderson, University of California, Santa Barbara

Marx at the Margins: On Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Non-Western Societies (University of Chicago Press 2010)

2010: Roderick D. Bush, St. John’s University.

The End of White World Supremacy: Black Internationalism and the Problem of the Color Line (Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press 2009).

2009: Paul Paolucci, Eastern Kentucky University.

Marx’s Scientific Dialectics: A Methodological Treatise for a New Century (Studies in Critical Social Sciences) (Haymarket Books).

2008: Geoff Mann, Simon Fraser University.

Our Daily Bread: Wages, Workers and the Political Economy of the American West (University of North Carolina Press, 2007).

2007: Corey Dolgon, Worcester State College.

The End of the Hamptons: Scenes from the Class Struggle in America’s Paradise (NYU Press, 2005).

2006: John Foran at the University of California – Santa Barbara.

Taking Power: On the Origins of Third World Revolutions (Cambridge University Press, 2005).

2004: Barbara H. Chasin, Montclair State University.

Inequality and Violence in the United States: Casualties of Capitalism

2003: Ellen Israel Rosen, Brandeis University (Co-Winner).

Making Sweatshops: The Globalization of the U.S. Apparel Industry

2003: William G. Staples and Clifford L. Staples, University of Kansas (Co-Winner).

Power, Profits, and Patriarchy: The Social Organization of Work at a British Metal Trades Firm, 1791-1922

2002: Kenneth Nuebeck, University of Connecticut.

Welfare Racism: Playing the Race Card Against America’s Poor

2001: Edna Bonacich, University of California, Riverside and Rirchard Appleabum, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Behind the Label: Inequality in the Los Angeles Apparel Industry

2000: John Bellamy Foster, University of Oregon (Co-Winner).

Marx’s Ecology: Materialism and Nature

2000: Sean Sayers, University of Kent (Co-Winner).

Marxism and Human Nature

2000: Martin Oppenheimer, Princeton University (Co-Winner).

The State in Modern Society 

Outstanding Marxist Sociology Article Award

The Outstanding Marxist Sociology Article Award goes to the author(s) of the best article (or series of articles) published in the past two years in the area of Marxist theory and research.


2023 (co-winners):

Dong, Yige. 2022. “The Dilemma of Foxconn Moms: Social Reproduction and the Rise of ‘Gig Manufacturing’ in China.” Critical Sociology (published online first).

Soener, Matthew. 2022. “Class Power in Hard Times: Excavating Nicos Poulantzas’s Theory of the Capitalist State through the History of the 2007–2008 Crisis.” Critical Historical Studies 9(2): 195-220.

2023 (honorable mention):

Osuna, Steven. 2022. “The Social Murder of Victoria Salazar: Neoliberal Capitalism and Working Class Precariousness in El Salvador.” Emancipations: A Journal of Critical Social Analysis 1(3). Precarity: Article 4.

2022 (co-winners):

Riley, Dylan, Patricia Ahmed, and Rebecca Jean Emigh. 2021.”Getting Real: Heuristics in Sociological Knowledge.” Theory and Society 50(2): 315-356.

Paret, Marcel. 2021. “Resistance within South Africa’s Passive Revolution: From Racial Inclusion to Fractured Militancy.” International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society: 1-23.

2021 (winner):

Rosaldo, Manuel. 2019. “The Antinomies of Successful Mobilization: Columbian Recyclers Maneuver Between Dispossession and Exploitation,” Development and Change.

2021 (honorable mention):

Schnabel, Landon. 2021. “Opiate of the Masses? Inequality, Religion, and Political Ideology in the US.” Social Forces.


Clark, Brett, Daniel Auerbach, and Karen Xuan Zhang. 2018. “The Du Bois Nexus: Intersectionality, Political Economy, and Environmental Injustice in the Peruvian Guano Trade in the 1800s.” Environmental Sociology 4(1): 54-66.

2019 (winner):

Schradie, Jen. 2018. “The Digital Activism Gap: How Class and Costs Shape Online Collective Action.” Social Problems. 65(1): 51–74.

2019 (honorable mention):

Young, Kevin A., Tarun Banerjee, and Michael Schwartz. 2018. Capital Strikes as Corporate Political Strategy: The Structural Power of Business in the Obama Era.’ Politics and Society. 46(1): 3-28.


Purser, Gretchen. 2016. “The Circle of Dispossession: Evicting the Urban Poor in Baltimore,” Critical Sociology 42,3.

2017 (winner):

Murray, Joshua and Michael Schwartz. 2015. “Moral Economy, Structural Leverage, and Organizational Efficacy: Class Formation and the Great Fling Sit-Down Strike, 1936-37.” Critical Historical Studies (Fall): 219-259.

2017: (honorable mention):

Anderson, Kevin. 2017. “Marxist Humanism after Structuralism and Post-structuralism: The Case for Renewal.” In David Alderson and Robert Spencer (eds.), For Humanism: Explorations in Theory and Politics. London: Pluto Press.


Edlin, Barry. 2015. “Class vs. Special Interest: Labor, Power, and Politics in the United States and Canada in the Twentieth Century.” Politics & Society 43(2): 181-211.

2015 (co-winners):

Clelland, Donald. 2014. “Unpaid Labor as Dark Value in Global Commodity Chains.” Pp 72-90 in Gendered Commodity Chains: Seeing Women’s Work and Households in 21st Century Global Production, edited by Wilma A. Dunaway. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press.

Goldstein, Warren S. 2014. “Reconstructing the Classics: Weber, Troeltsch and the Historical Materialists.” Method and Theory in the Study of Religion 26(4-5):470-507.

Albert Szymanski-T.R. Young/Critical Sociology Marxist Sociology Graduate Student Paper Award

The Szymanski-Young/Critical Sociology Graduate Student Paper Award goes to the best graduate student paper in the area of Marxist theory and research.


2023 (winner): Michael Stephens, “Sexuality and the Second Slavery: Figuring Sexuality in Racialized Labor Formations,” Journal of Historical Sociology 35(1): 462-487. 2022.

2023 (honorable mention): Pete Ramand, “From Class Analysis to Real Utopias and Back Again: Erik Olin Wright in Conversation with Left Populism.”

2022 (co-winners):

Eric Blanc, “How Digitized Strategy Impacts Movement Outcomes: Social Media, Mobilizing, and Organizing in the 2018 Teachers’ Strikes.” Politics & Society. 2021.

Wolf, Andrew B. “Algorithmic Uncertainty in the Gig Economy Labor Process.”

2021 (co-winners):

Hannah Goldberg, The Graduate Center, CUNY, “The Two-Employer Problem: Strategic Dilemmas at the Heart of the Tipped Wage Debate.”

Samantha Agarwal, Johns Hopkins University, “Indebted by dispossession: The Long-Term Impacts of a Special Economic Zone on Caste Inequality in Rural Telangana.”

2020 (winner): David B. Feldman, “Beyond the Border Spectacle: Global Capital, Migrant Labor, and the Specter of Liminal Legality.” Critical Sociology.

2020 (honorable mention): Brian Hennigan, “From Madonna to Marx: Towards a Re-theorisation of Homelessness.” Antipode.

2019: Jason Mueller, University of California, Irvine, “What Can Sociologists of Globalization and Development Learn from Nicos Poulantzas?”

2018: Alvin Camba, Johns Hopkins University, “From Colonialism to Neoliberalism: Critical Reflections on Philippine Mining in the ‘Long Twentieth Century.'” The Extractive Industries and Society 2(2):287-301. 2015.

2018: Mushahid Hussain, Cornell University, “Contesting, (Re)producing or Surviving Precarity? Debates on Precarious Work and Informal Labor Reexamined.” International Critical Thought 8(1):105–126. 2017.

2017: Roberto J. Ortiz, Binghamton University, “Late Capitalism Unbound: Ecology, Spatial Competition and Uneven Development.”

2016: Daniel Auerbach, University of Utah, “Metabolic Rifts and Temporal Shifts: A Brief History of Logging in the Adirondack Forest.”

2015: Edwin Sayes, University of Melbourne “Marx and the Critique of Actor-Network Theory: Mediation, Translation, and Explanation.”

2014: Efe Can Gürcan and Efe Peker, Simon Fraser University, “A Class Analytic Approach to the Gezi Park Protests: Challenging the Myth of ‘Middle Classes’”

2013 (co-winner): Alexander M. Stoner, University of Tennessee, “Sociobiophysicality and the Necessity of Critical Theory: Moving beyond Prevailing Conceptions of Environmental Sociology in the USA”

2013 (co-winner): C. S. Elliott, University of North Carolina, “Actors or Puppets? Computer Control in a Product Distribution Facility.”

2012: Michael Levien, University of California-Berkeley, “The Politics of Dispossession: Theorizing India’s Land Wars.”

2011: Mathieu Desan, University of Michigan, “Bourdieu and Capital: A Marxian Critique.”

2010: Barry Eidlin, University of California, Berkeley, “Upon this (foundering) rock: Minneapolis Teamsters and the transformation of US business Unionism, 1934-1941.”

2009 (winner): Eric Bonds, University of Colorado, Boulder.

2009 (honorable mention): Jennifer A. Schradie of University of California, Berkeley.

2008: Brian J. Gareau, University of California, Santa Cruz,“Dangerous Holes in Global Environmental Governance: The Roles of Neoliberal Discourse, Science, and California Agriculture in the Montreal Protocol.”

2007: Matt Vidal, UCLA, “Manufacturing Empowerment? ‘Employee Involvement” in the Labour Force after Fordism.”

2006: Philip Mancus, University of Oregon.

Marxist Praxis Award

The Marxist Sociology Praxis Award recognizes outstanding practice and achievement, by an individual and/or an organization.


2023: Kristin Plys, University of Toronto, Mississauga

2022: Alan Jay Spector, Purdue University Northwest

2021: Kevin Anderson

2020: Sam Friedman

2019: Leontina Hormel, University of Idaho

2017: Mark Hudson, University of Manitoba

2016: Corey Dolton, Stonehill College