Substantive short articles on Marxian sociology

Defetishizing Israel and the Importance of BDS

One of the terms frequently appearing on the news regarding the Palestinian genocide is “humanitarian crisis.” In my head, the imagery of humanitarianism raises memories of the old UNICEF commercials with the exploitative spectacle of starving African or third-world children and women staring at the [...]

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Karl Marx Is for the Kids: Opium, Infanticide, and the Family

In October 1862, a sixteen-month-old baby died from an opium overdose in East London. Her baby plagued by a cough, the mother secured a prescription from a local chemist, who inadvertently and fatally doubled the dosage. Another doctor concluded that the baby died from narcotic poisoning and moreover suggested [...]

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Turn left: Revitalising Marxist scholarship in South Asia

Over the academic year 2020-21, with the world in a state of limbo owing to the COVID-19 crisis, a group of Marxist scholars and activists at the University of Toronto came together to set up a reading group. The initiative may not seem like an unusual or a remarkable [...]

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Economists for Palestine

We stand in unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people. Since October 7th, 2023, over two million people have faced a brutal onslaught by the Israeli military and state. They have been forced to flee with nowhere to go as homes, shelters, evacuation routes, border crossings, hospitals, places of worship and entire [...]

Informal Workers in the Global South and the Global Labor Movement

A majority of the world’s workers lack formal jobs. Yet, in the popular imagination, and among many contemporary Marxist scholars, the idea of the working class and the labor movement largely revolves around traditional conceptions of workers as formalized wage workers engaged in commodity production or some other supposed relatively structurally significant job. As a result, informal workers, especially informal workers in Africa, have been largely overlooked as working-class actors and as labor movement participants.

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How the United States Underdeveloped Somalia

On September 6, 2023, the United States military reportedly assisted the Somali government in an deadly counter-terrorism operation that killed five civilians. For many Americans, their immediate thought to hearing of this news is probably something along the lines of: I had no idea the US was militarily active in [...]

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France: Anti-Police Uprising of Marginalized Youth Hurls Challenge to the Entire Social Order

In response to the police murder of a 17-year-old youth, Nahel Merzouk, in the banlieue [variously translated as working class suburb, or even “inner city”] of Nanterre outside Paris, marginalized youth across the country engaged in nearly a week of clashes on the streets with police. [...]

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Does Race Serve a Functional Role Under Capitalism?

The relationship between capitalism and racism is structural rather than merely historical. It is not just that capitalism emerged in an already-racialized context, and so developed in a racialized way. It is also that racism can be explained by its functional role in stabilizing capitalist class relations. This view has occasionally been described as "class reductionist." In our view, this does not itself amount to a fatal criticism, but it does associate our argument with others that we in fact reject.

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So, Global or International Development: Why Not Both?
Marx in the Field, Planetary Immanent Development, and Centering Political Economy in Development Studies

Marx in the Field editor Alessandra Mezzadri writes about the collection’s emphasis on the global reach and potential of Marxian global political economy, reclaiming its relevance for the study of Development.

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