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System change, not return to the same: A comment on Tooze’s ‘Hegemony Notes’

Adam Tooze recently dissected Gramsci’s famous line: “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.” Tooze’s central criticism is that the application of this idea [...]

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The Home and the Reproduction of Society: On Work, Rent and the Reach of Capital

The early twentieth century saw a wave of anti-colonial struggles that took the form of the labour strike. In the 1930s, Palestinian workers went on a general strike that turned into a three-year revolution to resist the settler colonial project orchestrated by the British Mandate. In Egypt, workers also [...]

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Are Public and Private Sector Workers of a Different Nature?

Public-sector unions are becoming the hegemonic labor actor in many contemporary democracies. Despite the recent comeback of some unions in the private sector in the US, when one looks at the 21st century in perspective, the trend in unequivocal: while private-sector unions are generally in retreat, public-sector labor is a [...]

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Legitimacy and Vanguards in Revolutionary Struggle

Since 2011, one of the most important revolutionary projects of the twenty-first century has been taking roots in the north of Syria. In this region most commonly known as Rojava, a group of Kurdish revolutionaries and their various allies have been trying to establish a [...]

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Provincializing Asian regional food regimes

A recent study led by Kuan-Chi Wang found that the legacy of imperialism gave rise to diverse agricultural trajectories in Asia, with countries embracing varying models of development. Some embraced capitalist-driven “green revolutions,” while others pursued socialist-inspired approaches to agricultural modernization. These divergent paths reflected each nation's unique historical context and ideological leanings, contributing to the complexity of contemporary food regimes in the region. Adding another layer to this rich complexity, agricultural experts and institutions emerged as key actors in disseminating knowledge and shaping farming practices. Their efforts not only influenced technological advancements but also shaped the institutional frameworks that govern food production and distribution in Asia today.

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How the United States Underdeveloped Somalia

On September 6, 2023, the United States military reportedly assisted the Somali government in an deadly counter-terrorism operation that killed five civilians. For many Americans, their immediate thought to hearing of this news is probably something along the lines of: I had no idea the US was militarily active in [...]

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Does Race Serve a Functional Role Under Capitalism?

The relationship between capitalism and racism is structural rather than merely historical. It is not just that capitalism emerged in an already-racialized context, and so developed in a racialized way. It is also that racism can be explained by its functional role in stabilizing capitalist class relations. This view has occasionally been described as "class reductionist." In our view, this does not itself amount to a fatal criticism, but it does associate our argument with others that we in fact reject.

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The New Class and right-wing populism: Findings from Wisconsin

Does the rise of right-wing populism in Europe and the US signal the breakdown of past alliances between workers and intellectuals, and the emergence of new cross-class coalitions? Or have the worker-intellectual alliances that were integral to social-democratic movements in the past endured in some form? A recent study by Chad Alan Goldberg and Masoud Movahed provides some answers.

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