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Marxism, Social Movements and Collective Action

Since the world crisis of 2008, we have been living in a phase characterized by poor growth, political instability, and geopolitical tension.  In this context, large waves of class struggle, like that in 2010-2012 and 2018-2019 along with the rise and advance of far-rights and authoritarianism in the world [...]

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Are Public and Private Sector Workers of a Different Nature?

Public-sector unions are becoming the hegemonic labor actor in many contemporary democracies. Despite the recent comeback of some unions in the private sector in the US, when one looks at the 21st century in perspective, the trend in unequivocal: while private-sector unions are generally in retreat, public-sector labor is a [...]

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Legitimacy and Vanguards in Revolutionary Struggle

Since 2011, one of the most important revolutionary projects of the twenty-first century has been taking roots in the north of Syria. In this region most commonly known as Rojava, a group of Kurdish revolutionaries and their various allies have been trying to establish a [...]

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Questions of Caste and Racial Capitalism

It is still the case, centuries after the onset of orientalizing tropes became codified in the formal “study of India,” that caste is still treated as a cultural and therefore not a material, historical, or economic phenomenon. I have not myself undertaken a quantitative assessment of this, but it [...]

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“Right-to-Work” Laws Really Work…Just Not the Way You Think They Do

A narrow focus on "treatment effects" has led much academic research to ignore the broader institutional work that "right-to-work" laws accomplish – changing the balance of power between political parties, allowing for new policy bundles to be enacted, and changing the perceived realm of the reasonable and possible for new labor market entrants.

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Defetishizing Israel and the Importance of BDS

One of the terms frequently appearing on the news regarding the Palestinian genocide is “humanitarian crisis.” In my head, the imagery of humanitarianism raises memories of the old UNICEF commercials with the exploitative spectacle of starving African or third-world children and women staring at the [...]

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Turn left: Revitalising Marxist scholarship in South Asia

Over the academic year 2020-21, with the world in a state of limbo owing to the COVID-19 crisis, a group of Marxist scholars and activists at the University of Toronto came together to set up a reading group. The initiative may not seem like an unusual or a remarkable [...]

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Deindustrialization, social disintegration, and health

Around seven million Eastern Europeans died prematurely as former socialist economies transitioned to capitalism. To better understand this health crisis, we combine insights from Marx and Durkheim and present a novel theory on deindustrialization, social disintegration, and health. We substantiate this framework by analyzing 82 interviews with workers in deindustrialized [...]

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Message from the Chair Regarding the 2021 ASA Virtual Meetings

Message From the Chair Regarding Marxist Section events at the 2021 ASA Virtual Meetings:  Dear Colleagues, I look forward to seeing many of you this coming weekend and next week at the virtual ASA annual meetings. We have two fantastic section panels this year, a wonderful set of round tables, [...]

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Spatial Planning and Marxism

From a left perspective, current capitalist crises need to be solved through devaluation of old fossil and capitalist landscapes, and new landscapes and new spaces for housing, leisure, work, transportation, production and agriculture need to be produced. Considering how dependent our current cities, countries, and global infrastructure are on capital [...]

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