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The Formation of Workers’ Councils in the Abode of the Islamic Republic’s Chicago Boys and the Striving of Democracy Promoter Vultures in Iran

Soheil Asefi, a section member writes about the rise of neo-liberal ideology in worker and student councils in Iran. Check out their article below!

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Marxist Sociology Blog relaunch: Theory, research, politics

We are delighted to announce a relaunch of the Marxist Sociology Blog! The blog – which now has a new editorial team – is a public sociology blog aimed at publishing Marxist theory, research, commentary and debate for a general public audience. We will be regularly publishing short articles (around 1,000 words each) in accessible language with minimal academic jargon. We aim to bring you short articles summarizing cutting-edge research and theory from Marxist scholars. We also provide a forum for debate among Marxists and those who wish to engage Marxism. Much of the work published here will be commissioned by our editorial team, but we will consider publishing unsolicited articles.

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ASA 2018 Marxist Section sessions

The Marxist Section hosts three sessions and a Business Meeting at the 2018 ASA meeting in Philadelphia. The sessions include "Open Topic on Marxist Sociology," "Capitalism and Its Crises: Economic, Political, Ecological," and Roundtables.

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2016 Elections: The Political Process as a Mechanism of Control

This article examines the US political process and the duopoly party system within a vast array of state strategies and elite manipulation. It contends that analyses of the political process as a real engine of change and that significant differences within the two-party system are flawed because they do not account that they serve as mechanisms for how power and dominance in maintained and reproduced.

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Publication: Montes on the U.S. State’s Strategy of Control

Central to this argument is the idea that segments of the population, including some of the most exploited and oppressed, derive material and ideological benefit from the misery associated with the inequalities that are rooted in the current established social order. It is this complexity that demands an explanation that can move beyond simple dichotomies (e.g., elite vs. non-elite) to a greater understanding to how individuals collaborate with a system that is rooted in inequality. This article examines one of the ways that the U.S. state facilitates the incorporation of millions of individuals into the rank-and-file of policing, correctional, national security, and military organizations. Coercive occupations are deeply embedded in U.S. society and contribute to a way of life for millions as premier job suppliers. Yet, allegiance cannot be reduced to economic motives and interests, because loyalty is also culturally contrived.

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A Statement Against White Supremacy 

A Statement Against White Supremacy  The violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and President Donald Trump’s responses following this overt expression of white supremacy reminds us in Marxist Sociology that we cannot expect silence and business-as-usual to magically improve social relations. In fact, our work as Marxists shows that, on the [...]

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The 35th Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference: Creating, Negotiating, and Transcending Social Boundaries in Everyday Life

The 35th Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference Creating, Negotiating, and Transcending Social Boundaries in Everyday Life Hosted by St. Thomas University Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada May 16 to 18, 2018   Abstract submission deadline: September 15th, 2017 Boundaries are key concepts in the social science tool-kit. They are social, physical, temporal, [...]

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