Roundtables for 2013 ASA Annual Meetings in New York

Marxist Sociology Section Roundtables 2013   1.) Table 1: Movements, Presider: Wendi Kane a. “Same Problems, Different Answers: Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, Social Media, and Ideological Translations,” Levin E. Welch b. “Twenty Years of Boredom: Veganism and the Cultural Logic of Late Liberalism,” Peter Bratsis c. “Business Unity [...]

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Sessions for 2013 ASA Annual Meeting in New York

Session 1: Author Meets Critics: Making of Global Capitalism by Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin Description of Session: This session is an author meets critics panel on Leo Panitch and Sam Gidin, The Making of Global Capitalism (Verso Press). The influence of this work on social activism, research on global [...]

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