Dear Marxist Sociology Members and Visitors,

Welcome to the ASA webpage for the Marxist Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association originally designed by Hannah Holleman and R Jamil. Jonna. The webpage is designed to give the latest information on the Section and to continue to be part of a social networking effort for the members of the section and interested individuals. It is also our hope that this site will also be helpful to other members of the ASA.

As our past chair noted: “For those of you who are new to the Section, the membership of the Marxist Sociological Section is interested in examining how insights from Marxist methodology and Marxist analysis can help explain the complex dynamics of modern society in all its dimensions: political, economic, military, cultural, even interpersonal. You don’t have to “be a Marxist” to be a member of the Section, though most of the membership consists of those who embrace Marxian and critical theory perspectives.”

Join us on Facebook at our Marxist Sociology Section page! We are using social media to reach critical scholars and those who wish to change the world! The webpage will have links to those exploring Marxist pedagogy, social networking, theory, methodology, and praxis from a variety of perspectives around the world. A new section newsletter will be available soon. The newsletter will be posted here. Archives of previous newsletters will be found here as well.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in our discussion group! We hope that the discussion group will be an important forum for all.

In Friendship and Solidarity,

Art Jipson, Chair 2013, Section on Marxist Sociology, American Sociological Association