All Marxist Section sessions take place on Monday, August 13. Full details can be found here.

Section on Marxist Sociology. Open Topic on Marxist Sociology

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 104B, Level 100, 10:30am-12:10pm

Strategic Logics of Anticapitalism
Erik Olin Wright, University of Wisconsin

The Dispossessing 2016 Coup d’État in Brazil
Daniel Bin, University of Brasilia

Vanguards of Anti-Statism: Anarchism, Leninism, and Search for a New Mode of Public Power in Rojava
Huseyin Arkin Rasit, Yale University;
Alexander Kolokotronis, Political
Science, Yale University

We’re Getting the Band Back Together: Strained Solidarity in Bands
David Michael Arditi, University of Texas-Arlington;
Jennifer Miller, University of Texas-Arlington

What does Marxism Contribute to our Understanding of Epidemics and How to Fight Them?
Samuel R. Friedman, National Development and Research Institute

Presider and discussant:
Ryan Ashley Caldwell, Soka University of America

Session Organizers:
Lorna Lueker Zukas, National University
Ryan Ashley Caldwell, Soka University of America

Section on Marxist Sociology Refereed Roundtable Session

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 106AB, Level 100, 2:30-3:30pm

Session Organizer:
Stephanie Baran, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

21 papers, five roundtables.

Section on Marxist Sociology Business Meeting

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 106AB, Level 100, 3:30-4:10pm

Section on Marxist Sociology. Capitalism and Its Crises: Economic, Political, Ecological

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Franklin Hall 2, Level 4, 4:30-6:10pm

What is Fascism?
Christopher Gunderson, Howard University

Rage, Ressentiment and the Populist Right: A Marxist Psychoanalytic Approach
Lauren Langman, Loyola University-Chicago;
George Lundskow, Grand Valley State University

Beyond Historical Institutionalism: Toward an New Theory of the Retirement Crisis
Michael A. McCarthy, Marquette University

Marx’s Theory of Crisis and the Limits of Fossil Fueled-accumulation
Roberto Jose Ortiz Ortiz, State University of New York-Binghamton

Jackie Smith, University of Pittsburgh

Session Organizers:
Ben Manski, University of California-Santa Barbara
Reha Kadakal, University of California-Channel Islands