Please join us in congratulating our distinguished section members who have been elected this year to serve in various positions as listed below:

Chair-Elect: Dr. Hannah Holleman, Amherst College

Council Member: Dr. Daniel Auerbach, University of Utah

Council Member: Dr. Michael McCarthy, Marquette University

Student Representative: Ms. Karen Xuan Zhang


We are proud to announce the ASA MARXIST SECTION AWARDS for 2019:

Marxist Sociology Lifetime Achievement Award (Co-Awardees)

Michael E. Brown Northeastern University (Emeritus)
John Bellamy Foster University of Oregon

The Lifetime Achievement Award Committee
Jeff Halley (Chair)
Dick Flacks (Member)
Michael Sukhov (Member)


Paul Sweezy Marxist Sociology Book Award

Darren Barany LaGuardia Community College, CUNY

  1. The New Welfare Consensus: Ideological, Political, and Social Origins. Albany: State University of New York Press

Through an in-depth engagement of policy documents, archival materials, and memoires, Darren Barany provides a rich analysis of the roots of the current welfare policies and politics. He examines how the ascendancy of neoconservatives, elite mobilization against a social safety net, and antagonism toward the poor generated a distinct antiwelfarism that is pervasive throughout society and that shapes welfare policies. Barany does an outstanding job illuminating how ideology evolves within the larger socio-political context. This book is vital for understanding recent developments regarding the welfare state within the United States.

The Sweezy Award Committee
Brett Clark (Chair)
David M. Arditi (Member)
Scott McNall (Member)


Outstanding Marxist Sociology Article Award

Jen Schradie Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse

  1. “The Digital Activism Gap: How Class and Costs Shape Online Collective Action.” Social Problems. 65(1): 51–74.

Honorable Mention: Kevin A. Young, Tarun Banerjee and Michael Schwartz. 2018. Capital Strikes as Corporate Political Strategy: The Structural Power of Business in the Obama Era.’ Politics and Society. 46(1): 3-28.

The Marxist Sociology Article Award committee
Martha Gimenez (Chair)
Lloyd Klein (Member)
Gretchen W Purser (Member)


Albert Szymanski-T.R. Young Marxist Sociology Graduate Student Paper Award

Jason Mueller University of California, Irvine

What Can Sociologists of Globalization and Development Learn from Nicos Poulantzas?

The Albert Szymanski-T.R. Young Marxist Sociology Graduate Student Paper Award committee
Brendan McQuade (Chair)
Alvin Camba (Member)
Ryan Wishart (Member)


Marxist Sociology Praxis Award

Leontina Hormel University of Idaho

Over the years, Leontina has remained actively involved in her community through both research and direct action. She worked with the Nez Perce to fight the transportation of “megaloads” through the Nez Perce reservation. More recently, she supported community members evicted from a trailer park by facilitating the location of new homes, delaying evictions, and generally pressing for humane conditions in the process. As other recent activism awards indicate, Leontina deftly demonstrates the theory in action embodied in Marxist praxis.

The Praxis Award committee
Paul Prew (Chair)
Corey Dolgon (Member)
Walda Katz-Fishman (Member)