Message From the Chair Regarding Marxist Section events at the 2021 ASA Virtual Meetings: 

Dear Colleagues,

I look forward to seeing many of you this coming weekend and next week at the virtual ASA annual meetings. We have two fantastic section panels this year, a wonderful set of round tables, and our business meeting, where we will highlight the contributions of our recent awards recipients. It will be wonderful to gather and learn from the work of our colleagues during all four of these events.

Please join us for all four of these events by logging into the ASA virtual meeting portal. More information about how to join events at the annual meetings is here. You must be registered for the virtual annual meetings to participate.

Marxist Section Events Schedule

Sunday, August 8:

Racial Capitalism and Abolitionist Marxisms (Paper Session)

12:45 to 2:10 pm Eastern, VAM Room 13

Presider: Atef S. Said


Big Data, Criminalization, and Abolition in Chicago by Andy Clarno

Racial Capitalism, Class, Race, and Revolution by Anthony Jerald Jackson and Walda Katz-Fishman

The Epoch of Necro-Ecology: The Role of Racialism in the Development and Maintenance of Fossil Capital by Patrick Trent Greiner and Julius Alexander McGee

The South African Tradition of Racial Capitalism: Thinking Race and Class in Another Settler Colony by Zachary Levenson and Marcel Paret

When Black Movements Win, the Whole 99% Wins by Joshua Murray, Megan Jordan, Kevin Young, and Michael Schwartz


Marxist Section Open Submission Session (Paper Session)

2:30 pm to 3:55 pm Eastern, VAM, Room 13

Presider: Leslie C. Gates

Burning Bodies: Narratives of Incarcerated Young Women on Primitive Accumulation in Brazil by Roberta Pamplona

Contemporary Germany Viewed through a Socialist Lens: Reflections on the Meanings of Consumption, Time, and Work by Melanie Lorek

Disability and the State Production of Precarity by Emily Ruppel

Localizing the Gig: The Labor Process as Labor Market by Andrew Wolf and Sarah Mason

The Guarantor State: Interrogating the ’New’ State Capitalism through the Case of an Indian Shadow-Bank by Manasi Karthik


Monday, August 9:

Marxist Section Business Meeting

4:15-4:45 pm Eastern

VAM Room 66

**Please join us at the section business meeting to honor and learn more about the work and contributions of our 2021 section awardees**

Marxist Section Round Tables 

4:45-5:40 pm Eastern (see individual table locations below)

Organizer and Presider: Daniel Auerbach 

Table 1: Latin America

Presider Caitlin Hays Schroering, VAM Room 62

Collaborative Knowledge Production and the Right to Water: Solidarity, Decolonization, and Translocal Learning Networks by Caitlin Hays Schroering

Neoliberalism and the political economy of punishment in Argentina by Hugo Goeury


Table 2: Culture

Presider Daniel Auerbach, VAM Room 63

Causality, Competition, and Culture: Bringing Capitalism Back into Economic Sociology by Joseph Reynolds van der Naald

Corridos and Migration: The Development of Corridos, Narcocorridos, and Migracorridos by Timothy A. Perez and Jeffrey A. Halley

Culture & Commodification: Critically Evaluating Viviana Zelizer’s Hostile World thesis through Cultural Marxism by Aman Banerji


Table 3: Crisis, the State, Labor and the Future 

Presider Vince Montes, VAM Room 64

Capitalism and Coercion: Crisis in the Legitimacy of the U.S. State by Vince Montes

The Terraformation of Society in the Era of the Great Restructuring by Anthony Jerald Jackson


Table 4: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigrant Justice 

Presider Richard L. Hogan, VAM Room 65

Amnesty for All: Critical Perspectives on the Abolitionist Turn in the Immigrant Justice Movement by David Feldman

Framing Ethnic-Based Inequality-Generating Mechanisms in France by Cihan Ozpinar

White Nationalism and Populism: Is History Repeating as Farce by Richard L. Hogan


See you soon!

Hannah Holleman

Marxist Section Chair